Oral and Poster Submission

Submission Deadline: 15th May 2022 @1700 GMT+8

Extended Deadline: 22nd May 2022 @1700 GMT+8

Note: Participant who fail to submit by extended deadline, we will not able to arrange the presentation slot as we have limited slot. First come first serve basis. No refund policy.

Oral Presentation Guideline

Physical Participant: Seven (7) min oral presentation + Three (3) min Q&A session

Submit: Presentation slides (preferably in Powerpoint)

Virtual Participant: Seven (7) min pre-recorded oral video presentation + Three (3) min Q&A session

Submit: Pre-recorded video (include Participant appearance and Presentation slides)

Poster Presentation Guideline

  • A2 Size 
  • Portrait 

Physical Participant: Participant are required to stand at their respective Poster during Poster Session

Submit: Softcopy Poster in PDF format 

Note: Physical Participants are required to print a hardcopy and bring it and put up on the day of the conference. 

Virtual Participant: Three (3) min pre-recorded poster video presentation + one (1) min Q&A session

Submit: Pre-recorded video (include Participant appearance and Poster)

File Naming Format

“Physical_Oral_Participant Name_POCER2022” OR

“Physical_Poster_Participant Name_POCER2022” OR

“Virtual_Oral_Participant Name_POCER2022” OR

“Virtual_Poster_Participant Name_POCER2022”

Note: Please give some time for the system to upload your file. Do not attempt multiple click of “Submit” button. Thank You

For participants who cannot submit through the form, please email to unmc.pocer@nottingham.edu.my and ebxhl1@nottingham.edu.my